Now Trending: NYFW Spring 2018

I haven’t read a single article about trends at New York Fashion Week yet; so let’s hope I get this right. I spend my spare time flipping through the Vogue Runway app, gaping at the incredible creations of the designers this season. Some of my favorites were Tadashi Shoji, Delpozo, Oscar de la Renta, Reem Arca, and Milly.

I tried to scan as many shows as I could, to gather the most information, and these are the trends I found. Now start shopping for Spring 2018!

1. Flaming Hues 

Picture the flame emoji. What color is it? Red, yellow, and orange. These are the hues that made their debut at Fashion Week. Whether in pops of pants or full length dresses, these colors danced (like fire) across all the runways.

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2. Stranger Stripes 

Stripes are always a staple of any fashion season, but this week saw them reinvented in so many different ways. Whether it was pairing two different stripes together, or simply turning them all-kinds-of sideways, stripes are definitely here to stay.

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3. Wrapped Chest 

Who needs a bra? These clothes have got you covered. Many designers sent models down the runway with their bosom all bundled (please forgive me for using that word). But for real, its like they were trying to keep boobs under wraps! I can see how this would be good for those of us averse to bras but not ready to give up full support or coverage and I’ll be interested to see how this turns into streetwear.

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4. Glitter Everywhere 

There were a handful of designers that used glitter this season, when I never would have expected them to (take Ralph Lauren and The Row for example). Many runways saw at least one article of glitter, whether it be simple shorts or a sweatshirt. A pop of glitter can never do you wrong, just don’t bring bring back the bedazzler quite yet.

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5. Trash Bags ?

Hey y’all, I don’t make the trends, I just call them as I see them. I can get behind all of the trends on this list except for this last one: why do designers keep sending models down the runway like they just cut and fashioned a kitchen trash bag?

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My Favorites

Anyway, those are the top five trends I spotted during the Spring 2018 presentations, but there were also a lot of looks that I loved that weren’t in these trends! What were your favorite shows, looks, or trends this season?

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