How to Keep Up with NYFW

How to Keep Up with NYFW

Or you know, fashion month in general.

It’s always been so hard for me to keep up with everything going on during fashion week. Even while attending a college where my major included the word “fashion” I could barely get a grip on everything happening. Bloggers have five different outfits each day, designers are posting not only show looks but behind the scenes, sites are collecting the latest trends- it’s a lot to take in. Over the years however, I’ve gotten better, so here are my tips for keeping up.

1. Pick Favorites 

The truth of the matter is, unless it’s your job or you don’t sleep at all, you’re not going to be able to consume all the content that comes with Fashion Week. You’ve got to make your selections based on who and what is most important to you.

I recommend picking three to five bloggers or influencers (Eva Chen, Danielle Bernstein, and Leandra Medine Cohen are always my go-tos) to follow for street style. Then pick a designer or two for each day to take in because flipping through 60 looks for every ten or so for the day is a bit much. I try to pick one designer I adore and one I don’t know much about, that way I’m always staying loyal but learning something new.

2. Read the News 

Whether you get your fashion news via WWD or Twitter, use news coverage to be in-the-know of the biggest moments outside of your favorites. The most significant trends and shows will be reported by all the sites, and moments like (models fall dancing at show) will be broadcast across social media. Either at the end or beginning of the day, take a minute to read an article or two on the top hits of the day.

3. Social Media Stories 

One of the most fun ways to interact with Fashion Week from afar is to keep up with the stories. Bloggers, models, editors, and designers alike have all flocked to Snapchat and Instagram stories to broadcast the shows live to the public. Phones are always sighted in the front rows of Fashion Week and it’s always great to feel like an insider via the up-close-and-personal videos.

4. Apps 

There are several apps that provide coverage of Fashion Month, but my favorite and one of the most efficient is Vogue Runway. Immediately after the show, looks are uploaded to the app, where you can search by designer or season. They have all the looks right at your fingertips, with just a simple swipe to scroll from one look to the next. Plus you can easily share your favorite looks to your friends via text, Twitter, or Facebook.

Fashion Month can be so overwhelming, but it’s worth it to keep up with the creativity, passion, and innovative pace of the industry. I’d love to hear about your favorite shows, trends, and looks for the Spring 2018 season!



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