Ariel Winter’s Style

I have a question: why does everyone care so much about how short Ariel Winter’s shorts are? I feel like every day I wake up to a new article about how “omg Ariel’s looking cheeky again” or perhaps its another comment on her chest. Now don’t get me wrong, I love talking about celebrity style, but can we please stop putting people’s body shapes into the narrative?

Ariel Winter has some amazing style. Whether she’s glammed up on the red carpet or kicking it casual with her boyfriend, that girl always looks amazing. I’d love for us to focus on her amazing style and personality rather than hearing about her ass every day.

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I’m honestly struggling to put my thoughts into words on this one without being hypocritical because she does have an amazing body. I’d also love to compare her to Kendall Jenner because when KJ wears short shorts and posts bikini shots, no one bats an eyelash. But that also feels like body comparison to me and that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid. Can you imagine having people criticize your body and how you dress it every time you go out to shop for groceries?

Ariel’s style does a great job of saying that she doesn’t care what people think. She’s got that cool girl edge with a bit of glam that just makes everything look good. When she’s running errands she plays it simple with cool comfort pieces, going out she tries the latest trends, but combines them with her personal sense of style, and on the red carpet she isn’t afraid to take a chance. Ariel Winter has some kick-ass style, so let’s talk about it instead of the length of her shorts.

P.S. These are my two favorite Ariel looks



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