On my recent trip to D.C. I came across this shirt in Zara, and yes if your city has a Zara I will hunt it down to shop. It was the only thing I bought in the store, though there were a plethora of cute things. The post-grad job hunting life has got me on a lower budget, while still trying to have fun in my last true summer, but this shirt was cheap and honestly spoke to me.

I want to work in social media and as such, spend a lot of my time on social media. As a musician constantly studies their music to improve their craft, so I study social media. The trends of the media world are constantly changing, who is influencing them, what the daily hashtags are, what accessories and apparel are popular, and of course, what memes are making people laugh. The internet is a constantly changing landscape and by spending time there I hope to understand it better for my career.

But on the other hand, we all know that social media can be toxic. You can spend too much time coveting others’ body shape, clothing, or lifestyle. It can be easy to get sucked in to the crystal clear blue waters and immaculate city views. It is important to remember that that is not your life, and why would you want your life to be like anyone else’s?

I look up to a lot of people in the industry. Right now I’m following Eva Chen (my ultimate fashion fave, was EIC of Lucky Magazine and now works for Instagram!) , Danielle Bernstein (of WeWoreWhat), and Leandra Cohen (of Man Repeller), drawing from them inspiration in my fashion sense and a young professional. Let your influencers inspire you, but choose your own path i.e. “Don’t Follow Influencers, Follow Your Dreams.”


I feel like I’m writing a lot about growing up right now, no? It’s just that point in my life. My apologies for not posting this past week, I’ve been in full prep mode as I head to New York this week for several interviews. Influencers don’t get famous overnight. I’m working my butt off- wish me luck!

Outfit Details: Shirt by Zara | Skirt by J.Crew Factory (bought 4 years ago)| Jean Jacket hand me down |White Converse| Rhinestone Chain Choker in Crystal, Black Maza Choker, Zodiac Charm by Moon and Lola | Use code “MSTITT15” for 15% off your Moon and Lola order!


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