I’m not very minimalistic. I keep all my extra craft supplies in boxes, just in case I need them later. I collect more clearance shoes than I could ever wear in a month. I save all the jewelry I’ve had since middle school, but haven’t worn any of it in ages. Why do I need all this… stuff?

For shoes, the easy answer is that I’ve dreamed of a closet full ever since MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen”. But the rest of this stuff is just excess stuff.  I am hoping to move soon to a bigger city, where I will likely be in a smaller apartment, with an even smaller storage/closet space. It’s time to compress and it’s time to get minimal.

My walls have always been covered in posters, memories, and cards, my bathroom always stocked with beauty products I don’t use anymore, and my shelves full of sale books I’ve barely read. Minimalism is about living with the minimum. Why? Because we absolutely can! This culture is based on materialism, we crave stuff! (how many times have I used that word in this post)

Truth is: we can do without.

I’m definitely not going to the bare minimum, but sorting through and getting rid of will definitely be a start.



Outfit Details: Sweatshirt by H&M | Skirt by TOPSHOP (bought 2 years ago)| Lace-up Flats by Payless (bought last fall)| Rhinestone Chain Choker in Crystal, Black Maza Choker, Zodiac Charm by Moon and Lola | Lips by Kylie Cosmetics (I bought the mini matte pack for her birthday edition!)

P.S. as I clean my closet, you can purchase items on my Poshmark!

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