Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink
Millennial Pink

The trendiest shade right now? Millennial Pink. In 2016 Pantone named two colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Though I saw a lot of powdered blue in 2016, the blush hue seems to have stuck, making its way onto runways, hangers, and highlighters and showing no signs of retreat any time soon. I won’t share with you its full history, because I think this article on The Cut shares it and explains perfectly “Why Millennial Pink Refuses to Go Away”.

Whether you are pale, tan, blonde or brunette, this color will work for you. It’s on phone cases, lip shades, chic sneakers and even leather jackets. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the mood board above:

1. Cropped Biker Jacket by Mango | $99

2. Sassy Sneaks by Joshua Sanders | $288 | Honestly you can never have too many sneakers.

3. Ribbed Tube Top by Prettylittlething | $21 | This brand is getting big, hop on the bandwagon!

4. Cheeky Phone Case by

5. Frilled Suit by Zalful | | Okay frankly, I don’t trust whole swimsuits under $20… so check made by dawn for similar silhouettes.

6. Velvet Choker by Miss Selfridge | $9

7. Shimmery Shadow by Colourpop | | Their eyeshadow is my ALL TIME favorite. Super pigmented bliss.

8. Lace Bralette by La Perla | $155 | If the name sounds familiar, Kendall Jenner has been in their most recent lingerie campaigns.

9. Speech Bubble Makeup Bag by Trouva | $25

10. Rubber Watch by Aeropostle | $12 | I know right? Who suspected cute things from Aeropostle!

Styling any of these pieces is a lot easier than it seems. Many fashionistas have shied away from bright colors over the years and retreated to a black & neutral palate, but times seem to be changing and the fashion industry is finding its way back to brighter hues! I’m loving the way these celebrities (or stylists) styled millennial pink. Especially the monotone looks! I need to acquire more pink for my closet to so I can make that look happen.

Also, can we just talk about how fabulous this shot of Little Mix for Wonderland is, where the whole shot is glazed in the perfect tone of blush?


Ugh. Those ladies are literally too fab.

Keep your eyes on that millennial pink. I try to keep track of trends as I shop, and it’s definitely in almost every store. I’m about to sound like the most annoying radio commercial ever, but here goes: Don’t wait! Add this demure, glowing, amazing shade to your closet today!

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