The Future

The Future

“The Future is Female” may be a controversial, yet trendy, slogan. To me it is empowering and inspiring. Did you know it started in the 70’s with the lesbian separatist movement? Me neither. Read the history of the phrase in this lovely HelloGiggles article.

I would call myself a feminist- the brand which believes men and females and any other gender orientation or identification of any and all races are equal. Some have called this phrase out for implying that only females are the future, and that’s just not true as we all exist together, though I believe our voices have yet to be heard in full force.

This shirt makes me want to keep pushing, for myself and for what I believe is right. I won’t get into the political side of that right now, but I definitely need an extra push in my personal life. I’ve been on the hunt for a job for a bit now and am feeling pretty disheartened. I know that I have value, creativity, passion, and intelligence. I will push through this sad feeling in my stomach and I will prevail. My future is bright- and so is yours. I hope you have something that inspires you too, even if it is only a white t-shirt.


Outfit Details: Top – Amazon (link no longer available, but Google it and lots will come up) | Skirt – H&M (SALE!) | Shoes – Adidas | Hat – Tyler Oakley | Earrings – Moon and Lola |Ring – Moon and Lola | Watch – Apple

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