Shopping Swim via Instagram

Shopping Swim via Instagram

Summer is here! Well, at least for college students. High schoolers hang tight and job holders…there are still weekends!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been obsessed with bathing suits. I can’t seem to stop purchasing them, or finding a new brand to lust over. When I was in high school I think I only owned about two bathing suits- I hated shopping for them, I hated wearing them, and I hated seeing myself in them. But now that I am more comfortable in my body and care a bit less about what people think, I am loving the wide variety of swimwear out there.

My sister is also quite a bathing suit collector, and we send each other pictures of our new suits. Most recently we got matching mermaid one-pieces from Victoria’s Secret. However, there is so much more out there than just your regular mall swimwear brands! I scoured Instagram for some top picks in unique, fun swimwear for your perfect summer purchase. Check them out!


If you can’t decide what color swimsuit to wear, worry no more with brand Nantikini! They make two different silhouettes with several color combinations, nude paired with green or white are two of my faves. (The green and nude is cheekily called Coconut & Lime). Shop here

Marysia Swim 

This swimsuit brand is full of class. Most of its fabulous collection is lined with scallops, giving it a bit of a southern flair. This is the swimwear of a true lady, and their resort wear is much the same combining both structural and ethereal shapes for a polished vacation look. Shop here

DEL MAAR Latin Swimwear

This “Latino-Australian” brand was founded by two latin ladies in Australia, inspired to create a brand with “pure Latin essence that could boost the Australian fashion.” I’d say they did just that! Their swimwear is filled with fun silhouettes and pattern that would brighten any day in the sun. Their swimwear is unlike any other I’ve seen! Shop here

Rise City Swimwear

This chic brand has some interesting shapes that will fill your vacation wardrobe with the perfect looks. There are different styles for different body types, lace up the middle, chest cut outs, halters, and the traditional bikini. I’m loving the cheeky bottoms, with both strappy and wide waistbands! They have something classic and colorful for everyone. Shop here

Ete Swimwear

Bohemian, good vibes await you if you shop at Ete Swimwear! They have water color floral prints layered on top of tie dye colors, lace and crochet covered bikinis, and ruffle lined bottoms. And the water color prints are hand-painted exclusives! This Australian brand is killing the game and their newest collection showed at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017. Shop here

Hoaka Swimwear

This brand makes all their suits out of neoprene! They have three different suite styles and some very luxurious color choices, from lilac to nude to neon. I’m a big fan of neoprene for it’s clean, sporty look, but it can be harder to take care of so keep that in mind. The famed Triangl swimsuits are also made of neoprene! Shop here

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