The Art of the To Do List

The Art of the To Do List

To Do: an intimidating phrase to say the least. In the past ten years of my life I have made hundreds, if not thousands, of to do lists, each taking it’s own form. For me these lists help to tone down my racing anxiety-driven thoughts, but recently the art of bullet journalling, listing, and the tried and true to do have been called trendy. Whether you do it for fun or out of necessity- let’s face it, if I didn’t write things down I’d forget- here are some variations of the best types of to do lists.

And of course, we will need a list of things to do, so here is what my Sunday of work looks like.

Scan 76

The OG To Do List:

There’s honestly nothing to making this to do list, just write down all the things you have to do! If you are in a hurry, this list is definitely the best (sometimes I make fancier lists just to procrastinate). Simplicity is key. You don’t even have to have check boxes, just cross out an item when you finish it.

Scan 77

The Squared and Structured To Do List:

I recently bought a gridded journal at Michaels, the listers’ happy place, and it has been a dream come true for keeping my lists in line (literally). If you like keeping your fonts straight and your lines straighter, this is the perfect list for you. The grid makes it very easy to graph your to do progress so you can celebrate when you are done and ready to watch Netflix with a glass of wine.

Scan 79Scan 82

The Creative To Do List:

My only rule for this to do list is to have no rules. You want to use paint samples to color code? Do it. You want to sketch out all of your tasks? Go above and beyond. A magazine cut-out of inspiring women to get you to get the job done? Almost necessary. The creative process can be very fulfilling, and so too can be the aesthetic of a beautiful to do list.

Whatever your to do style, I wish you the best of luck in checking everything off your list!

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