What I Want Now !!!

What I Want Now !!!
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Summer is almost over and like the weather, these items are hot, hot hot!!! Back to school shopping is on full blast and these are the items I’m looking for to complete my wardrobe.

  1. BODYSUITS- Okay, I already have a few of these, but they’re more for going out than to be seen in broad daylight. I’m loving ones that have sayings or logos on them, making them seem like a casual tee that fits perfectly. They’re pretty easy to style, just think of it like a tucked in shirt. My favorites is to pair them with my boyfriend jeans or overalls!
  2. TASSEL SHOES- They’re just so freaking fun!! And don’t go thinking they’re just for summer either. These shoes can be worn well into fall, at least in the south, if you choose your tassel colors wisely! I’ve seen a lot of unique handmade pairs on Etsy that are perfect for any wardrobe.
  3. MINI PURSE- What more do you really need to carry around than your phone, your credit card, and your favorite lipstick? The mini purse makes a chic addition to both casual and evening wear. Plus, your shoulders won’t get tired like they do lugging that heavy tote!
  4. ZODIAC JEWELRY- With so many star sign facts, moodboards, and secrets trending on twitter, it’s only natural that the fascination spills over into fashion. I’ve seen more than a few brands come out with zodiac jewelry and it’s interesting to see the variations in each. I recently bought a charm from Moon & Lola (yay Pisces!) but they have a whole line of the cutest stuff!

As you’re preparing for autumn, I hope this list helps you incorporate some new cool vibes into your closet. But if you’re craving other trends, let me know in the comments below!

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