Dear Fashion Industry

Dear Fashion Industry

Alright, before we get started with the summer fashion blogging I need to get this off my chest: I applied for 50+ fashion internships since January, with 80% of them being in New York. I got not a single one of them. Finally, when I applied two weeks ago, I landed one. It’s for a small company and it’s at home, but you know what? That’s okay. It may not have been what my sights were set on, but that’s okay. I am also interning for Calypso Lemonade and working part time. I am excited about it all! It will be a full summer (with crossed fingers for big things modeling  as well).

I wrote this really passionate letter to the fashion industry when I was really bummed about not having any internships. I’m going to post it here and I’m going to let it go.


I’m writing to you today to inform you that you have made a mistake. I have applied to 50+ internship programs this summer, but to no avail. Let me tell you about myself: I am smart, creative, kind, and passionate. There’s no need to list of my qualifications and accomplishments- I already did that. More than 75% of you wrote me off before even meeting with me, not even bothering to send any reply to my application.

And yes, I recognize that is the way the industry works now: speeding along to the newest and the best. (And yes, I did just start that sentence and this one with “and”.) But, ah, yes, but you have passed over me too quickly. I have worked far too hard and long to fall short so fast and like me there are many others out there with potential.

Potential- capable of being or overcoming, having the power of happening, showing the capability to become or develop. I may not attend one of the elite institutions, or intern relentlessly, or be located in a fashion capital. But I have potential and what is more, I have passion. This is my make-it or break-it moment. You have no idea what I’m capable of. Don’t bother waiting for me… I’ll keep up and I’ll see you soon.



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