Online Obsession: made by Dawn

It just got cold here and I think that’s why I’ve been daydreaming about warmth. Summer, spring break, tropical vacations- all of it. So when I started looking for cute bathing suits online (yes, I know it’s January, yes, I know this is procrastination) I was delighted to find this adorable online shop called “made by Dawn”.

Their collection has a distinctly authentic beach town vibe. From their small ruffle details to their perfect tie-dye prints, this shop has the best subtly sexy suits. (and what’s better is they are having a sale right now!) The one thing I will say is that most of these suits probably wouldn’t do well if you’re more blessed in the chest; shape wise there is no support in these swim tops.

I’m loving the shape of the petal and coral tops, which you can see below.

Since it’s January, I can’t bring myself to justify buying one of these adorable swimsuits just yet. But as spring break draws closer, made by Dawn will definitely be my first swimsuit purchase. Until then, I’ll just stare at their site as I daydream.

Coral Top | Cloudbreak $100 (sale). Coral Bottom | Cloudbreak $90 (sale). Petal/Seashell Bottom | Foam $108. Petal/Seashell Bottom | Pretty Pink $75 (sale). Petal Top | Foam $118. Traveler Top | Pink $120.


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