Last Minute Gift Guide

Last Minute Gift Guide
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Running out of time on getting those last few gifts? Check out my list of gifts that all your girlfriends will love! Happy shopping!

  1. Front-Back Earrings: These little babies are the next big thing in earrings. Happening now and starting to take over the market, front-back earrings can be edgy or sweet. Just take these cute pearls from TOPSHOP for example. (Currently sold out, sorry about that)
  2. Shaker from Kate Spade: We all have that one girlfriend who is obsessed with their alcohol. Make her evenings more classy with this sparkling shaker!
  3. Harrods Bag: For your high fashion friend who pulls a Little Mermaid and sings “Part of Your World” every time you pass a luxury retailer, please give them a Harrods bag. Even if you don’t like this bag in particular, the Harrods website has a ton of items plastered with their name (and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want every single one).
  4. Agate Coasters: Get cute accessories for your friends’ apartments or homes; these especially work well if you have a friend that has just moved in. Bonus: whenever you go over to their house, these will help you get the most instagrammable shot of your drink.
  5. MAC Lipstick: All of my friends have been saying that they are putting these on their Christmas lists. They have such high praise from casual beauty buyers and professionals alike. My three favorite shades? Stone, Cockney, and Cyber.
  6. Notebooks by ban.dō: Every girl needs cute notebooks! Whether it’s for school or just for kicks, notebooks are a key part of the college lifestyle. Side note: this brand is great for gifting in general. Everything is so freaking cute!
  7. Cuff Bracelet by Moon and Lola: So here’s how it works, you buy the bracelet and then you can choose custom charms with it. Initials, sororities, states, symbols, etc. It’s basically like a cross between Alex and Ani and Pandora. Except cuter than Pandora and the next big thing to follow Alex and Ani phase.
  8. Soap Stone by PELLE: I am not that friend who takes bubble baths or is obsessed with soap, but this is just so cool even I want one. It’s a soap stone that looks like a crystal. Enough said.
  9. Juicy Couture Pom Keychain from Kohls- Sadly, this one is sold out too. Pom pom keychains are up and coming on the casual scene, though already big in the luxury fashion one. It all falls down from Karl and Fendi. I picked the Juicy Couture one because it was price I could justify paying for a keychain but if you’re willing to pay a bit more Michael Kors just came out with some.
  10. Summit Beanie by Love Your Melon: Everyone needs a beanie in the winter. If you’re going to get one for a friend, why not make it for a good cause? Love Your Melon donates “50% of the net proceeds from the sale… to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer and the Pinky Swear Foundation”, both of which provide care for families and funding for research to a cure.
  11. Madewell Rings: These are just so cute. You really can’t go wrong with some gold rings, even if you don’t know your friends size! If you get one that is too small- BAM! Instant midi ring.
  12. Phone Cases from Skinnydip: Let’s face it, we all get tired of having one phone case. That’s why the market for them is so huge, people are constantly switching! But for that one friend who can’t seem to justify spending the money, no matter how cute the case, do her a favor and get her one of these quirky ones!
  13. Constellation Necklace: Even if your girlfriends don’t all keep up with their star signs, this necklace is a fantastic gift. Constellations are constantly adorable, no matter the product they are placed on. Plus you can customize this necklace with your friend’s favorite color. Too cool.

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