October Picks

A little late on writing this October Picks post, but I guess better late than never! School has been insane, I know, I know, excuses, excuses, but schoolwork does come first! That being said, I very much enjoy writing these posts and digging into my favorite websites and fashion in general to find my favorite things. I hope you all paid attention to fashion week, as it was definitely one of the most spectacular yet. I didn’t do a great job keeping up, but when I had moments of down time I definitely read as many recaps as I could get my hands on. That all being said, let’s get started!

October Picks
     First of all, there’s some halloween picks that you could wear all month long! Like that sweater with the cutest ghost elbow patches. Elbow patches have been a fast fashion staple for the past few years, and I think these ghosts are a great seasonal spin on them! Then there’s that cardigan, everyone from sorority girls to your favorite fashion bloggers have been seen in oversize cardigans when the weather gets cooler. They’re easy to throw on and comfy too! The skulls add some halloween spunk, but not to the point that you couldn’t wear this throughout the rest of fall and into winter. The moon earrings provide a little halloween sweetness, I just couldn’t pass them up- something about pairing them with an adorable witchy dress (those front lace-ups with the flare sleeves anyone?) And okay, that mug is just adorable!!
     Now onto the more fashion forward pieces. Embellished and embroidered jackets are in. It’s time to channel your inner Dolce and Gabbana and get out there with your embroidery. It makes any outfit fancier. The mini skirt is just classic, good for every season, but I love this autumnal pattern. Also, this cape dress is amazing. First of all, I love the color. But second capes have been trending all over red carpets (Lupita, Heidi, Gweneth) and runways (Ralph Lauren, Zuhair Murad, Alexis Mabille) for the past few years and they’re finally making their way into the mainstream. So far the dress has looked flawless on everyone, and that’s maybe because they are celebrities, but I think that this dress could work on a variety of body types!
     Finally let’s talk about shoes. There are so many incredible boots out there but I’m loving the color and the hippie vibe of these in particular. Frankly, there are not many boots I don’t like. But there are few that I love and these definitely make that list! Look at that chunky heel, subtly colored different than the shoe and looking like it’s made of a nice wood. Isn’t that just fabulous! My second shoe pick is in a similar hue, but it’s covered in sparkles. Who doesn’t need sneakers covered in sparkles?

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