Now Trending in Shoes

This post goes out to all you shoe lovers. Here are the shoe trends you need to look into buying for fall!

1. ) The Chunky Heel

This shoe not only adds a little spunk to your outfit, but also provides more stability if you have issues walking in heels! Ankle boots have always been a fall staple and though they normally have a chunky heel I want to encourage you to go a little higher this fall. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little length to your legs! Plus these seem to be the shoe that all the bloggers are wearing, so you’ll be able to get tons of outfit inspiration.

Shoe Trend: Chunky

2.) The Lace Up

This shoe is the carry-over from the gladiator boots of the summer. While gladiators will still be prevalent where it’s warm this fall, the rest of us can try something like the lace up heel or even the flat! You can take your regular ballet flats to a whole other level just by adding those little strings. Something so simple just became more interesting and I’m sure you’ll get a ton of compliments wherever you wear them!

Shoe Trend: Lace Up

3.) Fringed

Possibly the most fun trend of the fall season is fringe! The hanging strings on shoes provide another dimension to your outfit by creating movement. Just think of how amazing and photo-worthy that would be! My favorite shoes in this collage are definitely the red ones with heel fringe; of course, they’re Louboutins…

Shoe Trend: Fringe

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