Couture I Want Rocked on the Red Carpet (And by Whom)

I am regrettably very behind in making this post as I was in London at the time but hopefully you’ll still find it relevant! I so enjoyed looking over all the couture collections this afternoon on I always pin looks from runway shows that I like, so I can look back and see what caught my eye. Maybe it’s my interest in styling that had me thinking what celebrities these looks would be good on, but I thought I would just go with it and post about it! Here we go!

Schiaparelli Fall 2015 Couture Collection – Gold Suit 


Yes, I am going to put this one on some of the regular suit wearers such as Cara Delevine, Janelle Monae and Rita Ora. But they just know how to pull off suits so well! Rihanna actually hasn’t worn a suit to the red carpet in a while and I think this would just look stunning with her skin tone. I mean, she would absolutely be shimmering.

Ulyana Sergeenko Fall 2015 Couture Collection – Royal Blue Jumpsuit


This one goes out to the tall girls- looking at you, Taylor Swift. First of all, wouldn’t it be sassy with her classic red lip? And if you thought her legs went on for days before, imagine them in this deep blue number. I’d also love to see Laura Prepon or Tyra Banks in this. I don’t think there’s a complexion this color would look bad on, and royal blue seemed to be trending on the couture runways.

Giambattista Fall 2015 Couture Collection – Mixed Mini


The cool girls of the millennial generation could definitely pull this dress off. I know, it’s a bit different, especially for a red carpet, but this dress is a whole lot of fun! Between the different laces and the jeweled applique, this dress is kind of a show stopper. I think Zendeya is an obvious pick for this dress, as she is one to make a unique statement on any runway. In addition, Bella Thorne and Gigi Hadid would also look great in this.

Dior Fall 2015 Couture Collection – Lavender Mini with Beaded Sweater Vest


Here’s another short dress with a little bit of spunk! The sleeves are so ethereal with their slits, and the color majorly plays into fairy-like as well. But then, you have this beaded sweater vest over top- and it is definitely a style statement. I, for one, am a fan. And I’m dying to see Emma Roberts wear this, maybe it’s the preppy pastel vibe she has in the Scream Queens trailer that has me thinking this, but seriously, she would just look so good in this.

Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2015 Couture Collection – Belted Vest


This look is somewhat warrior like, with the massive belt, long tassel, and gladiator shoes. A powerful woman can pull this off with one fierce glare in to the camera. I’m thinking Heidi Klum, Giselle, or Zoe Saldana. Each one of these women would slay in this outfit. I love the hints of gold scattered around this look, as well as the rich red color of the belt and shoes.

Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition Fall 2015 Couture Collection – Short Gilded Dress


I was so wowed by the decadent Alberta Ferretti collection. It took me straight back to the palaces of Europe with its gold architectural details, pale floral colors, and unique lines. Honestly, there were so many dresses in the collection that I was just in awe of, so please go check it out.  I would again love to see short dresses on some of the younger people in Hollywood, in this case Hailee Steinfeld and Elle Fanning. They both just have such sweet, youthful looks and I feel like this dress would just perfect on either of them.

Elie Saab Fall 2015 Couture Collection – Black Floral Gown 


This is the dress that I just want to see on everyone. It’s completely classy and in my opinion would work for several different body types as well as ages. Since the skirt is big and the floral is bold, it’s definitely a showstopper. Dear celebrities/socialites, please wear this gorgeous dress.

Some of my Favorites

I’d love to show you some of my favorite couture pieces as well, stuff that I absolutely have no reason to wear, but am dying to wear anyway. So I’ll go ahead and put the pictures of my couture dreams here.

Ulyana Sergeenko 




Giambattista Valli 


Zuhair Murad (this collection was also one of my favorites, see here)


Elie Saab


If you have some favorites, please tell me about them! I love to hear other people’s opinions about fashion and enjoy discussing all the different aspects of the industry, so please comment below!


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