Summer Swimsuit Picks

Summer Swimsuit Picks


If you’re like me- you want a drawer full of new swimwear every single summer. But if you’re a college student like me, you most likely don’t have the funds for that (and if I had funds I would probably get a Triangl). I got three new swim tops this spring (not displayed above), two from the two J.Crew warehouse sales, and the other from Forever 21. Obviously I shopped for them a little early, as summer is just now picking up. So for those of you who haven’t made that new swim purchase yet, here are my top picks! Oh and all of them are under $50 : )

Okay first of all, I’m really into this whole sporty look. A couple of these look a bit like sports bras, but I totally don’t mind it. I think that the thicker straps and ample boob coverage (top and bottom left) make the suit so much better for activity. There’s no need to worry about having a slip up. Plus, the sporty look also feels a little retro. I know I have a few of my mom’s old swimwear from the 90s and a few of them look similar to these.

Second, the remix on triangle bikinis this season is incredible. I haven’t been a huge fan of that style in the past but I’m honestly just loving these. I’ve been eyeing that color-blocked  one (third in top row) at Target for weeks. And the crochet by Zara (second in top row) and sheer by Topshop (first in second row), are both so unique!

For patterns, I’m loving stripes, florals, and pool prints. On the topic of stripes… when am I not loving them? Do I need to further explain myself? They are just so chic. For florals this season try something a little funky, either in shape or the floral pattern. You can see H&M creates and interesting almost wetsuit like shape but uses a simple floral (second in third row), and then Out From Under uses an easy shape (loving that T back) but an interesting floral (second in second row, click through to see the front and more colors & florals). The last print I want to talk about is the pool print, it’s humorous and beautiful! To wear water while going in the water, there’s just something amusing about it. Loving it on that Aerie number (Last in second row)!

So if you haven’t bought your swimsuits yet this summer, please check out my picks. They are my favorites of the moment and I hope you love them as much as I do!

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