Style Safari

Every other summer, some fashion magazine will publish an article about the trend of safari style. Sometimes, it even carries over into fall. Utility tops, leather sandals, and cargo shorts (albiet fashionable ones) dominate the scene, with the theme of adventure playing a role, because it is summer after all.

But where I am, it’s not summer. So I decided, why not make this trend more wintery? I relied heavily on TOPSHOP for these outfit creations. They had so many options that fit the safari style I was going for. So swap your strapped sandals for some chic ankle boots and let’s get going!

My first tip? Replace the shorts. If you’re still itching to wear something short, try a skirt. To keep you warm, wear a pair of tights, or some knee socks! For pants, you can try a utility, cargo, or boyfriend. Each of these will keep that loose exploration feel that a safari style needs.

Second, you need to pay attention to your color scheme. In the summer you can rely on light browns and tans to get you to top level safari style, but in the winter you’ll have to make some different choices. While these neutral tones are still relevant, I’d encourage you to lean on another color: a musk army green. From there you can carry out the color palate in darker tones, even adding black to the mix (it is winter after all).

Lastly: accessorize. Just as a safari is an exploration, so should be your attempts at this trend! Don’t forget to think outside the box and try new things. For safari style you should try bold, exciting, wild accessories! A statement shoe, a surprise print, multiple necklaces, fringe adornments, but not all at once of course.

And who could forget about perfectly round sunglasses- what’s more Eliza Thornberry than that?



Style Safari 1


Style Safari 2

Style Safari 3

Style Safari 4

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