Winter Must-Haves

Winter Must-Haves

A few weeks ago my friend Amy asked me a question: Megan, what are the winter must-haves that I must have? (And I love the way she worded it because it is something only she would say) But I figured, why only share this with her and not post my opinions on the internet? So here they are, my picks for Winter must-haves that you must have.

1. Black Ankle Boots

Honestly- everybody in fashion is wearing them. They may not all look the same, but everyone has their own pair of these booties. You can go flat or heeled, buckles or cutouts, velvet or leather, whatever your choice is, you should get these beauties on your feet today.

2. Collarless Coat

It’s a more modern, athletic take on your favorite peacoat. I love it paired with a sleek pair of pants and some chic sneakers. I mean, who needs collars anyway?

3. Statement Sparkle Top

Even though the holidays have passed, the moment for a bit of sparkle has not! Whether going out with your friends or just going to dinner, a sparkle top adds a little more interest to your outfit. Plus, there’s no need for worrying about which necklace to wear, your top already has that covered! Make sure you tone it down with the rest of your outfit though, you don’t want to look like Mardi Gras dressed you. If the sparkle seems a little much, try throwing on a blazer!

4. Pop of Color Party Dress

It seems to me that everyone is wearing black. The LBD is a classic, ready for almost any occasion, with many different variations, but this Winter I encourage you to try something different. While everyone is moping around in the dark colors of Winter, present them with a pop of color! Find a dress with great shape, one that compliments your figure, and then use a solid color to make you stand out from the crowd. I’m loving jewel tones this Winter, as you can see here in my dress choices.

5. Strappy Heels

This is the dress up shoe of the moment. Why? Cause it’s freakin’ fabulous and super sexy. There are some high end designer takes on this shoe as well but I picked a few more affordable pairs. The more straps the better I think.

6. Chunky Cardigan

From sorority girls to minimalist bloggers, the chunky sweater is popular on all fronts. Different people make unique styling choices with this sweater. I’ve seen many girls pick a patterned over a black tank for a night out. Magazine editorials usually go big on the oversizing the cardigan and then belt it. Again, there are so many variations of this sweater so there are so many ways to wear- plus, it’s warm too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of my Winter Must-Haves. If you’re looking to shop right now, here’s some ideas of what to look for! I kept most of the prices on these items under $200, but you can find options either below or above that price range. Hope you all are having a lovely winter, stay warm!

Chi Chi party dress

Halter dress

Mid length dress

Red party dress

Violeta by Mango plus size cardigan
$53 –

Miss Selfridge t shirt
$23 –

MANGO crop shirt
$30 –

Pink knit top

H M purple cardigan
$18 –

Parisian sequin crop top
$15 –

Proenza Schouler coat
$990 –

Windsmoor ombre coat
$150 –

Oasis coat
$130 –

Monki outerwear
$35 –

Zip wool coat
$61 –

Siren heeled sandals
$140 –

MANGO heel boots

Square toe boots

Steve Madden strappy sandals

Lipsy black ankle boots
$64 –

Lace up booties

H&M black ankle boots
$18 –

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