As the new year arrives and passes, it begins within a time of reflection. What have I done this past year? What can I do differently this new year, to improve my own life and me as a person? Like I mentioned in my last post, the last semester was tough for me, there was just a lot going on. This new year for me starts a cleansing, a detox. There are people and things that really matter, and people and things that really don’t. For me, this year I will be focusing on the positive. I will attempt to weed out all the silly things I worry about, the people who don’t reciprocate friendship or cause negative thoughts, the bad attitude about school, and all the negative thoughts. This year I want to live a life of positivity! It’s not a resolution, but just something that I’ve been thinking about.

That leads me to this shoot, which perfectly exemplifies a cleansing (literally). I shot this crazy idea over to Jane Seidel, who was more than excited to see what we could do with a bathtub, a gown, and some flowers. I’m still learning a lot about being in front of the camera, but thankfully Jane makes it so easy and still captures the most beautiful shots. I really hope you like these photos because I am really pleased with how they came out!


All photos copyright of Jane Seidel

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