Pop of Color

SUPER sorry that I haven’t been posting, the last few weeks of this semester have been terribly hectic to say the least. Exams are just about over and as the summer is coming (though I’m not sure I can say summer anymore what with working and with summer classes) I hope to be posting on the blog more! 

I’ve been impatient to post these pictures ever since we took them, but wanted to make sure I had enough time to sit down and make the post. I actually found these pants on sale, there were tons on the rack, and I don’t understand why nobody wanted to buy them! Bright color with a tuxedo stripe? They’re perfect for summer. I just love these pants. Big thanks again to Jane for taking these wonderful photos! 


We found the perfect background in a cute thrift store/art gallery downtown!


This one is a little bit dark, but I just love it.


The small details.


And of course, the favorite, which I am using for the header of this blog.    



Much løve, 


Outfit Details: White button down (mom’s)// Gap pants // Payless Nude Flats// Forever 21 Pink/Nude Clutch  


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