An Introduction

Hi Internet!!

My name is Megan and I’ve got no claims to be a fashion authority, but believe me, I have a lot of opinions. I’m  pursuing a major that will hopefully lead to a job in the fashion industry; not designing, though I will post some sketches on occasion. Two people I look to are Eva Chen and Emma Watson, both as role models and style icons.  I’m on a college budget, so though I follow some of the big brands, I don’t quite have the means to own them right now. Nevertheless! Style continues! The show must go on. A little about my style: I had an “emo” phase in my high school years influencing me to be rooted in punk, but allow me to add some class to that notion (and sass if you don’t mind). Anyway, welcome to my blog. I have a goal of posting once a week on various topics and I hope that you will follow along as I learn and pursue fashion. 

Much løve,



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